Billable and Non-Billable

Who Pays for What?

Please refer to the chart below for services provided by Facilities Management and guidance on billable and non-billable items.

Billable service refers to services that are a cost to the requestor or the requestor's department.

Non-Billable service refers to services centrally budgeted for Facilities Management. 

For further information or specific issues not covered below please contact your Facilities Manager. For inquires related to DMAS charges please refer to the Real Estate Financial Services Team.

Issue Scenario Non-Billable Billable Who Pays?


AC For Building X FM


AC for Departmental Equipment (i.e. Liebert) X Requestor


AC for Events (UM Sponsored Event) X FM
AC for Events (Non-UM Sponsored Event) X Requestor
Fixtures Hanging items (Whiteboard, Picture, etc) X Requestor
Keys/Access Lock and Access Maintenance X FM
Programming for Locks X FM
Re-keying/Duplication X FM
Painting Touch-Up/Light Painting X FM
Paint Wall/Room X Requestor


Signage for Building X FM
Signage for Office or Department X Requestor
Signage for Restrooms, Mechanical Rooms, etc X FM